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These are all of the projects I can remember having worked on with TRG. I'll update it if I think of more, or you can fork it and add more if you'd like.
The following are hosted on GitHub:
read/edit/write TBX-Min data
convert between UTX, TBX-Min and TBX-Basic.
convert MRC to TBX-Basic
read XCS files
holds all of the official information relating to TBX-Basic,
-Min and Default, including schemas and documentation PDFs from Lisa/Oasis.
I originally started this so that I could file issues with things wrong with
the documents, but it's actually a very handy thing to have online.
Explains TBX-Basic and gives examples and schema
A Perl wrapper around the TBX-Checker. Be sure to have Java installed before you try to use it.
I mainly made this to test that Convert::TBX::RNG was working properly, and it is required by
that distribution
Take an XCS file and create an RNG to validate a TBX of that dialect.
Does not support changes to core TBX structure; just XCS.
The MultiTerm to TBX-Basic converter written by Nathan Rasmussen.
Also contains all of the sample data we have for it as well as the documentation on writing
mappings (copied from the website).
this only has one script in it, and that extracts terms from a MultiTerm termbase and prints them
out. This was going to be the repository for any MT scripts built while experimenting and
exploring MT termbase structure. The experimentation was meant to lead to useful methods for
dealing with MT files on the online web-app/pipeline Alan wanted.
The WICS code so far.
Not TRG's problem.
Other things on Gevterm (also git repo in Dropbox):
various html/php pages
rngGenerator web app
I'm very very sorry, but this has no tests. I was going to use Karma and test cross-browser. I forked
it from a project that has tests, so they shouldn't be hard to write. Really sorry. It's worked
so far, except that one time at the conference...
Tutorial documents for TBX-Min, mostly outdated but still re-purposable
DCT/DCA switcher
Other things in Dropbox:
MT/TBX data
All my work notes
hours worked
locations of bug reports
solutions to annoyances (Bluehost, Perl, whatever)
summaries of calls
todo lists
how my days went
buncha stuff I dunno about
Other things online:
TBX Checker (at sourceforge, called tbxutil)
this was commissioned by Alan but is maintained by a third party
still very important and you can send pull requests
BYUTRG online:
Trello Boards:
Floating around in Emails:
WICS tutorials/notes
Tutorial on creating Perl distributions
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