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Simple media logger Lua script for mpv
-- Not my code: originally from (author deleted; failed to ask for permission).
-- Only tested on Windows. Date is set to dd/mmm/yy and time to machine-wide format.
-- Save as "mpvhistory.lua" in your mpv scripts dir. Log will be saved to mpv default config directory.
-- Make sure to leave a comment if you make any improvements/changes to the script!
local HISTFILE = (os.getenv('APPDATA') or os.getenv('HOME')..'/.config')..'/mpv/mpvhistory.log';
mp.register_event('file-loaded', function()
local title, logfile;
title = mp.get_property('media-title');
title = (title == mp.get_property('filename') and '' or ('(%s)'):format(title));
logfile =, 'a+');
logfile:write(('[%s] %s %s\n'):format('%d/%b/%y %X'), mp.get_property('path'), title));
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ipatch commented Aug 29, 2018

great script, I'd suggest using double quotes instead of single quotes IMHO

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