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Create a salted SHA512 password hash for use with Dovecot
import os
import hashlib
import getpass
import base64
password1 = None
password2 = None
# Read the password
while password1 != password2 or password1 == None:
password1 = getpass.getpass()
password2 = getpass.getpass("Confirm password: ")
if (password1 != password2):
print "\nPassword mismatch, try again."
# Generate a 5 byte random salt
salt = os.urandom(5)
# Hash our password + salt
sha = hashlib.sha512()
ssha512 = base64.b64encode('{}{}'.format(sha.digest(), salt))
# Print it out with a prefix for Dovecot
print "\n{{SSHA512}}{}".format(ssha512)
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Thanks alot for this snippet 👍

Tested it with doveadm pw -t $YOUR_GENERATED_HASH -p $PASSWORD and it worked perfectly.

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You should use #!/usr/bin/python2

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osiloke commented Sep 4, 2017

I made a golang equivalent (without the readline) at

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