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garu / Perl Encryption
Last active September 13, 2022 01:54
Perl Encryption Primer, by Timm Murray

Perl Encryption Primer

by Timm Murray

This is a compilation of the "Perl Encryption Primer" series of articles by Timm Murray, as published on I have taken the liberty of moving the content here (as is), formatting it as Markdown and ordering them chronologically from top to bottom to easen the reading experience. Enjoy!

Timm also made a one-hour video of the presentation he gave at MadMongers, which summarizes the content below.

garu /
Created August 2, 2012 20:07
pure-shell version of "perl -MDDP -e 'p %ENV'"
#/usr/bin/env bash
# first we separate ENV in keys and values,
# and fetch the size of the biggest key
for ITEM in `env`