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VPP testing using TAPs
./build-root/build-vpp-native/vpp/bin/vppctl tap connect vpp1
./build-root/build-vpp-native/vpp/bin/vppctl tap connect vpp2
./build-root/build-vpp-native/vpp/bin/vppctl set interface state tapcli-0 up
./build-root/build-vpp-native/vpp/bin/vppctl set interface state tapcli-1 up
ip netns delete vpp1
ip netns delete vpp2
ip netns add vpp1
ip netns add vpp2
ip link set dev vpp1 netns vpp1
ip link set dev vpp2 netns vpp2
ip netns exec vpp1 ip link set vpp1 up
ip netns exec vpp2 ip link set vpp2 up
ip netns exec vpp1 ip addr add dev vpp1
ip netns exec vpp2 ip addr add dev vpp2
./build-root/build-vpp-native/vpp/bin/vppctl set interface l2 bridge tapcli-0 23
./build-root/build-vpp-native/vpp/bin/vppctl set interface l2 bridge tapcli-1 23
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