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# apply voter api resources part 3
# manual sidecar injection with istioctl kube-inject
# istio egress of mongodb and amqp protocols
# candidate service
istioctl kube-inject –kubeconfig "~/.kube/config" \
-f ./services/candidate-deployment.yaml \
--includeIPRanges=$IP_RANGES > \
candidate-deployment-istio.yaml \
&& kubectl apply -f candidate-deployment-istio.yaml \
&& rm candidate-deployment-istio.yaml
# election service
istioctl kube-inject –kubeconfig "~/.kube/config" \
-f ./services/election-deployment.yaml \
--includeIPRanges=$IP_RANGES > \
election-deployment-istio.yaml \
&& kubectl apply -f election-deployment-istio.yaml \
&& rm election-deployment-istio.yaml
# voter service
istioctl kube-inject –kubeconfig "~/.kube/config" \
-f ./services/voter-deployment.yaml \
--includeIPRanges=$IP_RANGES > \
voter-deployment-istio.yaml \
&& kubectl apply -f voter-deployment-istio.yaml \
&& rm voter-deployment-istio.yaml
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