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# terminal 1: establish an interactive session with the kstreams app container
KSTREAMS_CONTAINER=$(docker container ls --filter name=streaming-stack_kstreams.1 --format "{{.ID}}")
docker logs ${KSTREAMS_CONTAINER} --follow
# terminal 2: establish an interactive session with the kafka container
KAFKA_CONTAINER=$(docker container ls --filter name=streaming-stack_kafka.1 --format "{{.ID}}")
docker exec -it ${KAFKA_CONTAINER} bash
# set environment variables used by jobs
export BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS="localhost:9092"
export INPUT_TOPIC="demo.purchases"
export OUTPUT_TOPIC="demo.running.totals"
# read topics from beginning \
--topic $INPUT_TOPIC --from-beginning \
--bootstrap-server $BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS \
--topic $OUTPUT_TOPIC --from-beginning \
--bootstrap-server $BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS
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