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# author: Gary A. Stafford
# site:
# license: MIT License
# purpose: Tear down GKE cluster and associated resources
# Constants - CHANGE ME!
readonly PROJECT='gke-confluent-atlas'
readonly CLUSTER='storefront-api'
readonly REGION='us-central1'
readonly ZONE='us-central1-a'
# Delete GKE cluster (time in foreground)
time yes | gcloud beta container clusters delete $CLUSTER --zone $ZONE
# Confirm network resources are also deleted
gcloud compute forwarding-rules list
gcloud compute target-pools list
gcloud compute firewall-rules list
# In case target-pool associated with Cluster is not deleted
yes | gcloud compute target-pools delete \
$(gcloud compute target-pools list \
--filter="region:($REGION)" --project $PROJECT \
| awk 'NR==2 {print $1}')
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