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Last active April 17, 2023 21:01
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user_id first_name last_name dob gender martital_status race religion
1 Thomas Powell 1967-06-10 Male Married Black Christian
2 Ward Williams 1973-07-22 Male Single Asian Christian
3 Martha Watson 1975-02-28 Feamle Single Hispanic Agnostic
4 Brenda Bailey 1979-07-07 Feamle Married Black Christian
5 Parker Johnson 1955-07-14 Male Married White Christian
6 Rebecca Wilson 1972-05-27 Feamle Married White Christian
7 Doris Allen 1956-07-09 Feamle Married Multiracial Christian
8 Rebecca Sanchez 1965-09-16 Feamle Single White Christian
9 Mary Johnson 1971-04-04 Feamle Single White Christian
10 Anderson Roberts 1983-11-02 Male Single Hispanic Christian
11 Robinson Peterson 1974-10-25 Male Single White Jewish
12 Lopez Ross 1985-04-30 Male Married White Christian
13 Flores Reed 1977-09-01 Male Married Black Agnostic
14 Martin Phillips 1960-03-24 Male Single White Christian
15 Carter Torres 1983-07-31 Male Married White Christian
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