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"TableName": "your-dynamodb-table-name",
"Item": {
"date": {
"S": "2001-01-01"
"time": {
"S": "09:01:05"
"location": {
"S": "location-03"
"source": {
"S": "wireless"
"local_dest": {
"S": "router-1"
"local_avg": {
"N": "5.55"
"remote_dest": {
"S": "device-1"
"remote_avg": {
"N": "10.10"

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@PrabhashKaran PrabhashKaran commented Apr 17, 2021

I want to recreate the example in my Windows laptop. I want your help kindly call me at 404 543 1329 or email me at

The Project Specification

I need your help.
Kindly contact me (details given below) as soon as possible.
====================== The Project Begins =====================
====Sample Use Case =====
Kindly see this example:
Please convert the CloudFormation file to Terraform file.
======= Use Case 1 =====
Lambda App (Hello World) talks to SQS and DynamoDB by storing a static massage in SQS and DynamoDB using CICD Pipeline:

  1. Create SQS that triggers Lambda Function to fetch a record.
  2. Create Lambda “Hello World” and add a record as a message to DB.
  3. Create DynamoDB that will store the message persistently.
  4. Build Deployment using SAM framework.
  5. Logging and Monitoring using X-Ray and CloudWatch.
  6. Log Aggregation and Streaming using ElasticSearch, (Logstash) and Kibana (ELK).
    What do I need?
    Crate a Terraform file to accomplish the task. I pay for the job.
    ======= Use Case 2 =====
    Create EKS Fargate app (Hello World) and store data in PostgreSQL RDS
  7. Create EKS Fargate
  8. Deploy Web Service to display “Hello World”
  9. Create AWS RDS to store data
  10. Develop CICD for automation
  11. Log aggregation and streaming using ELK stack

What do I need?
Please write for me a Terraform file for the task. I pay for the job.
======= Use Case 3 =====
Create EC2 Instance with 30 days recycling process

  1. Create EC2 instance using CloudFormation (.yaml)
  2. Deploy Web Service to display “Hello World”
  3. Develop CICD for automation
  4. Configure recycle policy

What do I need?
Kindly create a terraform file to accomplish this task. I pay for the job.
====================== The Project Ends =====================

====================== Who am I Begins =====================
Prabhash Chandra Karan
Atlanta, GA
Green Card

AWS Solutions Architect / SysOps Administrator

Software Engineer—with 20+ years of IT experience—seeking position in Cloud computing

• MS, Computer Science with Distinction, Pace University, New York, USA 1986
• BS, Engineering with First Class, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (one of IITs), India

• HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate 2021
• AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020
• AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate 2020
• AWS Certified Developer Associate 2020
• AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2020
• Oracle Certified EE6 Web Services Developer 2013
• Oracle Certified WebLogic Administrator 2008
• Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java 2 2006
• Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 2005


AWS Cloud Architect Feb 2021 – Present
XYZ Inc, Atlanta, GA
As Cloud Architect, assessment of current technology stack of applications and providing architectural guidance for AWS Cloud native migration for migrating Java application to AWS Cloud using Terraform 0.13.
• Technical solution, architectural design, development, upgrade, migration and implementation of high-performance, extremely scalable, and highly fault-tolerant using Terraform Infrastructure as a Code in AWS Linux cloud environments meeting various SLAs using Terraform module, workflow, CLI, state, backends, workspace, and version control integration with GitLab
• Read more …
======================= Who am I Ends =====================

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