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Last active September 27, 2022 03:09
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"transaction_time": "2022-09-25 01:58:11.714838",
"transaction_id": "4068565608708439642",
"product_id": "CS08",
"product_category": "Classic Smoothies",
"product_name": "Rockin’ Raspberry",
"product_size": "24 oz.",
"product_cogs": 1.5,
"product_price": 4.99,
"contains_fruit": true,
"contains_veggies": false,
"contains_nuts": false,
"contains_caffeine": false,
"purchase_price": 4.99,
"purchase_quantity": 2,
"is_member": false,
"member_discount": 0,
"add_supplements": false,
"supplement_price": 0,
"total_purchase": 9.98
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