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public List<CandidateVoterView> getCandidatesMessageRpc(String election) {
logger.debug("Sending RPC request message for list of candidates...");
String requestMessage = election;
String candidates = (String) rabbitTemplate.convertSendAndReceive(
directExchange.getName(), "rpc", requestMessage);
TypeReference<Map<String, List<CandidateVoterView>>> mapType =
new TypeReference<Map<String, List<CandidateVoterView>>>() {};
ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper();
Map<String, List<CandidateVoterView>> candidatesMap = null;
try {
candidatesMap = objectMapper.readValue(candidates, mapType);
} catch (IOException e) {;
List<CandidateVoterView> candidatesList = candidatesMap.get("candidates");
logger.debug("List of {} candidates received...", candidatesList.size());
return candidatesList;
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