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public class Receiver {
private CustomerOrdersRepository customerOrdersRepository;
private MongoTemplate mongoTemplate;
private CountDownLatch latch = new CountDownLatch(1);
public CountDownLatch getLatch() {
return latch;
@KafkaListener(topics = "${spring.kafka.topic.accounts-customer}")
public void receiveCustomerOrder(CustomerOrders customerOrders) {"received payload='{}'", customerOrders);
@KafkaListener(topics = "${spring.kafka.topic.fulfillment-order}")
public void receiveOrderStatusChangeEvents(OrderStatusChangeEvent orderStatusChangeEvent) {"received payload='{}'", orderStatusChangeEvent);
Criteria criteria = Criteria.where("orders.guid")
Query query = Query.query(criteria);
Update update = new Update();
update.addToSet("orders.$.orderStatusEvents", orderStatusChangeEvent.getOrderStatusEvent());
mongoTemplate.updateFirst(query, update, "customer.orders");
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