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package org.example.dataproc;
import org.apache.spark.sql.Dataset;
import org.apache.spark.sql.Row;
import org.apache.spark.sql.SaveMode;
import org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession;
public class InternationalLoansApp {
public static void main(String[] args) {
InternationalLoansApp app = new InternationalLoansApp();
private void start() {
SparkSession spark = SparkSession.builder()
spark.sparkContext().setLogLevel("INFO"); // INFO by default
// Loads CSV file from local directory
Dataset<Row> dfLoans =
.option("header", "true")
.option("inferSchema", true)
// Basic stats
System.out.printf("Rows of data:%d%n", dfLoans.count());
System.out.println("Inferred Schema:");
// Creates temporary view using DataFrame
dfLoans.withColumnRenamed("Country", "country")
.withColumnRenamed("Country Code", "country_code")
.withColumnRenamed("Disbursed Amount", "disbursed")
.withColumnRenamed("Borrower's Obligation", "obligation")
.withColumnRenamed("Interest Rate", "interest_rate")
// Performs basic analysis of dataset
Dataset<Row> dfDisbursement = spark.sql(
"SELECT country, country_code, "
+ "format_number(total_disbursement, 0) AS total_disbursement, "
+ "format_number(ABS(total_obligation), 0) AS total_obligation, "
+ "format_number(avg_interest_rate, 2) AS avg_interest_rate "
+ "FROM ( "
+ "SELECT country, country_code, "
+ "SUM(disbursed) AS total_disbursement, "
+ "SUM(obligation) AS total_obligation, "
+ "AVG(interest_rate) AS avg_interest_rate "
+ "FROM loans "
+ "GROUP BY country, country_code "
+ "ORDER BY total_disbursement DESC "
+ "LIMIT 25)"
);, 100);
// Calculates and displays the grand total disbursed amount
Dataset<Row> dfGrandTotalDisbursement = spark.sql(
"SELECT format_number(SUM(disbursed),0) AS grand_total_disbursement FROM loans"
// Calculates and displays the grand total remaining obligation amount
Dataset<Row> dfGrandTotalObligation = spark.sql(
"SELECT format_number(SUM(obligation),0) AS grand_total_obligation FROM loans"
// Saves results to a locally CSV file
.option("header", "true")
System.out.println("Results successfully written to CSV file");
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