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csv_sales_schema = get_schema("pagila.sales.csv")
schema = struct_from_json(spark, csv_sales_schema)
df_sales = read_from_csv(spark, "sales_incremental_large.csv", schema, "|")
write_to_kafka(spark, df_sales)
def get_schema(artifact_id):
"""Get Avro schema from Apicurio Registry"""
response = requests.get(
json_format_schema = response.content.decode("utf-8")
return json_format_schema
def struct_from_json(spark, json_format_schema):
"""Returns a schema as a pyspark.sql.types.StructType from Avro schema"""
df = spark \
.read \
.format("avro") \
.option("avroSchema", json_format_schema) \
return df.schema
def read_from_csv(spark, source_data, schema, sep):
"""Read CSV data from S3"""
df = \
schema=schema, header=True, sep=sep)
return df
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