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Alternative to decorator, which allows arguments to be returned form the setup function, and passed to the test and teardown functions.
def with_setup_args(setup, teardown=None):
"""Decorator to add setup and/or teardown methods to a test function::
@with_setup_args(setup, teardown)
def test_something():
" ... "
The setup function should return (args, kwargs) which will be passed to
test function, and teardown function.
Note that `with_setup_args` is useful *only* for test functions, not for test
methods or inside of TestCase subclasses.
def decorate(func):
args = []
kwargs = {}
def test_wrapped():
func(*args, **kwargs)
test_wrapped.__name__ = func.__name__
def setup_wrapped():
a, k = setup()
if hasattr(func, 'setup'):
test_wrapped.setup = setup_wrapped
if teardown:
def teardown_wrapped():
if hasattr(func, 'teardown'):
teardown(*args, **kwargs)
test_wrapped.teardown = teardown_wrapped
if hasattr(func, 'teardown'):
test_wrapped.teardown = func.teardown()
return test_wrapped
return decorate
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