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Created Jun 3, 2020
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Rich text benchmarking - management command
On a real-world site with 3058 HTML fragments
with richtext-benchmark/original:
1. 13.098440
2. 14.320241
3. 13.525923
with richtext-benchmark/loic:
1. 32.462429
2. 34.154890
3. 34.121001
with richtext-benchmark/matthew:
1. 13.270576
2. 13.325513
3. 15.039238
import time
from import BaseCommand
from wagtail.core.blocks import RichTextBlock
from wagtail.core.models import get_page_models
from wagtail.core.fields import RichTextField, StreamField
from wagtail.core.rich_text import expand_db_html
class Command(BaseCommand):
def handle(self, **options):
print("Building test corpus...")
corpus = []
for page_model in get_page_models():
rich_text_fields = []
stream_fields = []
for field in page_model._meta.get_fields():
if isinstance(field, RichTextField):
elif isinstance(field, StreamField):
for page in page_model.objects.all():
for field in rich_text_fields:
corpus.append(getattr(page, field))
for field in stream_fields:
for block in getattr(page, field):
if isinstance(block.block, RichTextBlock):
print("Built test corpus of %d HTML fragments." % len(corpus))
start = time.time()
for i, html in enumerate(corpus):
if i % 1000 == 0:
print("processed %d fragments" % i)
end = time.time()
print("Completed in %fs" % (end - start))
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