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Created September 12, 2018 19:00
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export async function byAlbumWithDiscography(state){
//receives this.state from playlistChooser and extract what you need
const {chosenPlaylistId: playlistId, chosenPlaylistName:playlistName} = state;
try {
let tracks = await getSimplePlaylistTracks(playlistId);
const albumIds = identifyAlbumsInPlaylist(tracks, false);
const shuffledAlbums = shuffleArray(albumIds);
//forget the playlist now that we know the albums - start fresh
const promiseArrayOfTracksFromAlbum = (albumObject) => {
const response = await getSimpleAlbumTracks(albumObject.albumId, albumObject.albumName, albumObject.albumUri)
return response
const tracksByAlbum = await Promise.all(promiseArrayOfTracksFromAlbum);
const sortedByAlbumAndTrack = flatten(tracksByAlbum);
await createPlaylist(sortedByAlbumAndTrack, playlistName, true);
catch(err) {
console.error('Error: in byAlbumWithDiscography in spotifyFunctions', err);
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