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Created September 12, 2018 18:47
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export async function getUserPlaylists() {
//returns an array of objects with playlist name (like "Favorite Smashing Pumpkins jamz")
//and the id of the playlist. Use this to feed the playlists selection list
try {
const playlistsResponse = await spotifyApi.getUserPlaylists();
//playlistsResponse.items are the actual playlist objects
const playlists = => {
const {id, name} = playlistObject;
return {id: id, playlistName: name}
return playlists
catch(err) {
//return default array with note that can't download playlists
console.error('Error: Attempting to get user playlists', err);
return [{id: null, playlistName: "Can't Download your Playlists!"}]
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