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To the Gatsby Community,

We want to start by specifically thanking Nat Alison. We support her and commend her bravery in speaking out. It is not easy to stand alone. What she experienced at Gatsby was unacceptable and speaks to wider issues. We thank her for putting pressure on the company to fix them. We vow to double down on those efforts.

While we have worked hard to give feedback and help create a healthy work environment over the past few years, change has been far too slow and the consequences have been real. The previous weeks have intensified the need for rapid change by increasing employee communication and allowing us to collectively connect some dots. We are just as outraged. As a result, we have posed a series of hard questions to management as well as a list of concrete actions they need to take.

Kyle Mathews' public apologies to both Nat Alison and Kim Crayton are small actions swiftly taken that signal the possibility for change but don't speak to the systemic issues that must be addressed.