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Batman Backlog
Jon Jon Wendt gives Gene Valgene his hooded cloak.
Gene Valgene: ...
Gene Valgene: [Batman voice] I'm the Batman now.
Jon Jon Wendt: Batman!
Gene Valgene: Batman.
Jon Jon Wendt: Batman! Batman! Batman!
Jon Jon Wendt: That's the spirit!
Gene Valgene: [Batman voice] Hmm.
Gene Valgene: I feel like I should climb onto a gothic building and... brood.
Jon Jon Wendt: Or...
Jon Jon Wendt: You could sing!
Gene Valgene: I could brood over some eggs.
Jon Jon Wendt: Bat eggs?
Gene Valgene: [Batman voice] Sing?
Jon Jon Wendt: Sing a song of singalong.
Jon Jon Wendt: Loo dee dee dee looo!
Gene Valgene: [Batman voice, singing] I stand alone. No one beside. This mortal fear that I just can't hide.
Jon Jon Wendt: Woah, there, babydoll.
Gene Valgene: I don't know when or how or why, I became the monster so others can thrive.
Jon Jon Wendt: You brood like a brood of fish.
Gene Valgene: [makes fish noises]
Jon Jon Wendt: Fribble.
Gene Valgene: Free.
Jon Jon Wendt: And now, we exit?
Jon Jon Wendt: Pursued by a bear!
Gene Valgene: Fwee.
Tomi Undergallows: Hey! Do you need a henchman?
Gene Valgene: Take a final bow.
Gene Valgene: Nobody to stand by-- hey! Where are you going?
Jon Jon Wendt: What about the bear?!
Jon Jon Wendt: THE BEAR.
Gene Valgene: I'm just getting started with this song!
Gene Valgene: You'll have to bear with him yourself. For now.
Jon Jon Wendt: Oh no!
Gene Valgene: I'm the Batman now. I don't have time for ... bears.
Jon Jon Wendt: Then I shall stand along!
Jon Jon Wendt: Against the bear!
Gene Valgene: I'll stand beside you. But not, like, right beside you? Like, beside you and a distance away.
Gene Valgene: Out of bearshot.
Jon Jon Wendt: Behind the bear?
Jon Jon Wendt: Beyond the bear?
Jon Jon Wendt: Around the bear?
Gene Valgene: Behind you. Away from the bear.
Jon Jon Wendt: For what do we bear arms?
Gene Valgene: Bearing in the opposite direction, if at all possible.
Jon Jon Wendt: For these arms we wear are bear arms.
Gene Valgene: Excellent. No man or bear could stand in the way of ... bear arms.
Gene Valgene: Nope, that idea just don't hold water.
Jon Jon Wendt: Arms of the bear are born. By bears.
Gene Valgene: Bears bear bear arms?
Jon Jon Wendt: And bears and those who bear arms.
Jon Jon Wendt: Bare arms bear bear arms
Gene Valgene: Bear arms and beer. That's the life.
Jon Jon Wendt: Bare bear arms bearing arms.
Jon Jon Wendt: Beer for bear arms bearing arms bearing beer.
Gene Valgene: Arms on arms? Alarming!
Jon Jon Wendt: Beering bear bearing beer arms.
Jon Jon Wendt: Bear alarms bearing beer for beer alarm bears.
Gene Valgene: Bear arms bearing bare arms barring bears.
Jon Jon Wendt: Oooooo.
Jon Jon Wendt: Good word choice.
Gene Valgene: Thank you. I read that in one of my many stolen books.
Gene Valgene: Boar bibs for bare bonnets by bloated biers beside branching brachts.
Jon Jon Wendt: Books aren't for stealing, they're for liberating.
Jon Jon Wendt: Wait, what?
Jon Jon Wendt: Are those even words?
Gene Valgene: Bear with me.
Jon Jon Wendt: Bearing.
Gene Valgene summons familiar, a fairy dragon named Oena.
Oena: Yes, master... what do you require of me?
Gene Valgene: OH DEAR.
Gene Valgene: Oena, sit.
Oena: Hi there.
Oena: And you thought you were Batman.
Jon Jon Wendt: Go prank someone else.
Jon Jon Wendt: Besides, I'm not batman anymore.
Jon Jon Wendt: But I hear the priests like pranks.
Jon Jon Wendt: /me shoos.
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