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Created May 6, 2011 17:29
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gausie: This union resolves to live in paradise with a ten-foot cock and a few hundred virgins. #popmotions
gausie: This Union Believes In A Thing Called Love. This Union Resolves to Listen to The Rhythm of Your Heart #popmotions
seanjohalloran: This Union notes that we're no strangers to love. This Union therefore resolves that it's never gonna give you up. #popmotions
gausie: This union notes that it has two tickets to Iron Maiden baby. This union mandates you to come with it Friday and not say maybe. #popmotions
_yousai: This Union notes that I Just Had Sex #popmotions
gausie: This Union Notes That It Never Had A Dream Come True Till The Day That It Found You #popmotions
kallapzo: This union notes 'fuck you' and resolves not to do what you tell it. #popmotions #rockmotions
kallapzo: This union resolves that skeedle dipiby doo bop ska-beep doo skow bip skoo bop, pow! #popmotions #scatmotions
kallapzo: This union mandates that you shake it like a Polaroid picture #popmotions
EineSchande: This Union resolves to get teenage kicks right through the night.
EineSchande: #popmotions this union believes that you and me baby are nothing but mammals
EineSchande: #popmotions this union resolves to do it like they do on the discovery channel
EineSchande: #popmotions This union believes fuck you. This Union resolves not to do what you tell me.
EineSchande: #popmotions This Union notes that you do it to yourself. This Union believes that's why it really hurts.
EineSchande: This Union notes: he's a liar, liar. Further notes: you can't trust him, no no no no. #popmotions
EineSchande: this Union notes that god is in the house. This Union believes that any day now he'll come out. #popmotions
EineSchande: This union notes a red door. This union mandates you to paint it black. this union believes in no colours anymore. #popmotions
EineSchande: This Union believes that you disturb my natural emotions and make me feel like dirt. Further believes: it is hurt. #popmotions
EineSchande: This Union notes the Beatles were just a band. this Union further notes Led Zeppelin were just a band. #popmotions
EineSchande: This Union mandates that thou shalt always kill. #popmotions
gausie: This Union resolves to always kill #popmotions
EineSchande: This union notes that a kiss with a fist is better than none #popmotions
EineSchande: this union notes the power of grey skull.
EineSchande: Believes that boys don't cry. #popularhitsinmotions
EineSchande: This Union mandates the current dco to turn away on her side. #popularhitsthroughmotions
EineSchande: This union asks: why is this bedroom so cold? #popularhitsinmotions
EineSchande: This Union believes that love will tear us apart. This union believes that love will tear us apart.
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