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Merge two or more mp3 files in C# using naudio library
/// <summary>
/// Creates a mashup of two or more mp3 files by using naudio
/// </summary>
/// <param name="files">Name of files as an string array</param>
/// These files should be existing in a temporay folder
/// <returns>The path of mashed up mp3 file</returns>
public static string CreateMashup (string[] files) {
// because there is no mash up with less than 2 files
if (files.Count () < 2) {
throw new Exception ("Not enough files selected!");
try {
// Create a mixer object
// This will be used for merging files together
var mixer = new WaveMixerStream32 {
AutoStop = true
// Set the path to store the mashed up output file
var outputFile = Path.Combine (Path.GetTempPath (),
Guid.NewGuid ().ToString () + ".mp3");
foreach (var file in files) {
// for each file -
// check if it exists in the temp folder
var filePath = Path.Combine (Path.GetTempPath (),
ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["InputDirName"], file + ".mp3");
if (File.Exists (filePath)) {
// create mp3 reader object
var reader = new Mp3FileReader (filePath);
// create a wave stream and a channel object
var waveStream = WaveFormatConversionStream.CreatePcmStream (reader);
var channel = new WaveChannel32 (waveStream) {
//Set the volume
Volume = 0.5f
// add channel as an input stream to the mixer
mixer.AddInputStream (channel);
// convert wave stream from mixer to mp3
var wave32 = new Wave32To16Stream (mixer);
var mp3Writer = new LameMP3FileWriter (outputFile, wave32.WaveFormat, 128);
wave32.CopyTo (mp3Writer);
// close all streams
wave32.Close ();
mp3Writer.Close ();
// return the mashed up file path
return outputFile;
} catch (Exception) {
// TODO: handle exception
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