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Redis Pubsub Client with event persistence
require 'redis'
require 'multi_json'
class PubSubRedis < Redis
def initialize(options = {})
@timestamp = options[:timestamp].to_i || 0 # 0 means -- no backlog needed
# Add each event to a Sorted Set with the timestamp as the score
def publish(channel, message)
timestamp =
zadd(channel, timestamp, MultiJson.encode([channel, message]))
super(channel, MultiJson.encode(message))
# returns the backlog of pending messages [ event, payload ] pairs
# We do a union of sorted sets because we need to support wild-card channels.
def backlog(channels, &block)
return if @timestamp == 0
# Collect the entire set of events with wild-card support.
events = channels.collect {|e| keys(e)}.flatten
return if not events or events.empty? # no events to process
destination = "pending-#{}"
zunionstore(destination, events)
# We want events only after the timestamp so add the (. This ensures that
# an event with this timestamp will not be sent.
# TODO: We may have a condition where, multiple events for the same timestamp
# may be recorded but will be missed out because of the (.
messages = zrangebyscore(destination, "(#{@timestamp.to_s}", "+inf")
messages.each do |message|
event, payload = MultiJson.decode(message), payload)
# cleanup
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