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ThinkPad input settings
synclient VertScrollDelta=-125 HorizScrollDelta=-125
synclient PalmDetect=1 PalmMinZ=100 PalmMinWidth=7
synclient RightButtonAreaTop=0 RightButtonAreaLeft=0
synclient CoastingFriction=75
TOUCHPAD='SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad'
xinput set-prop "$TOUCHPAD" 'Device Accel Profile' 2
xinput set-prop "$TOUCHPAD" 'Device Accel Constant Deceleration' 40
xinput set-prop "$TOUCHPAD" 'Device Accel Velocity Scaling' 10000
xinput set-prop "$TRACKPOINT" 'libinput Natural Scrolling Enabled' 1
xinput set-prop "$TRACKPOINT" 'libinput Accel Speed' 0.5
xinput set-prop "$TRACKPOINT" 'libinput Left Handed Enabled' 1
syndaemon -dtkR -i 0.5
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