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Created May 10, 2016 16:14
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"esnext": true, // true: Allow (ES6) syntax (ex: `const`)
"browserify": true, // Browserify (node.js code in the browser)
"quotmark": "single", // Quotation mark consistency
"indent": 4, // {int} Number of spaces to use for indentation
"curly": true, // true: Require {} for every new block or scope
"plusplus": false, // true: Prohibit use of `++` & `--`
"eqeqeq": true, // true: Require triple equals (===) for comparison
"forin": true, // true: Require filtering loops with obj.hasOwnProperty()
"freeze": true, // true: prohibits overwriting prototypes of native objects such as Array, Date etc.
"varstmt": false, // true: Disallow any var statements. Only `let` and `const` are allowed.
"asi": false, // true: Tolerate Automatic Semicolon Insertion (no semicolons)
"multistr": false, // true: Tolerate multi-line strings
"supernew": false, // true: Tolerate `new function () { ... };` and `new Object;`
"strict": true, // true: Requires all functions run in ES5 Strict Mode
"noempty": true, // true: Prohibit use of empty blocks
"boss": false, // true: Tolerate assignments where comparisons would be expected
"newcap": false, // true: Require capitalization of all constructor functions e.g. `new F()`
"latedef": false, // true: Require variables/functions to be defined before being used
"proto": false, // true: Tolerate using the `__proto__` property
"debug": true, // true: Allow debugger statements e.g. browser breakpoints.
"globalstrict": true, // true: Allow global "use strict" (also enables 'strict')
"evil": false, // true: Tolerate use of `eval` and `new Function()`
"laxbreak": false, // true: Tolerate possibly unsafe line breakings
"laxcomma": false, // true: Tolerate comma-first style coding
"browser": true, // Web Browser (window, document, etc)
"devel": true, // Development/debugging (alert, confirm, etc)
"jquery": false, // jQuery
"node": true, // Node.js
"validthis": true,
"predef": [
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