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Example of ES6 Proxy
<!DOCTYPE html>
This is a simple experiment relying on ECMAScript 6 Proxies. To try this out,
use Aurora (
The goal was to create a HTML writer where the method names were really just
the HTML tags names, but without manually creating each method. This uses
a Proxy to create a shell to an underlying writer object that checks each
method name to see if it's in a list of known tags.
* The constructor name I want is HTMLWriter.
var HTMLWriter = (function(){
* Lazily-incomplete list of HTML tags.
var tags = [
"a", "abbr", "acronym", "address", "applet", "area",
"b", "base", "basefont", "bdo", "big", "blockquote",
"body", "br", "button",
"caption", "center", "cite", "code", "col", "colgroup",
"dd", "del", "dir", "div", "dfn", "dl", "dt",
"fieldset", "font", "form", "frame", "frameset",
"h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", "h6", "head", "hr", "html",
"i", "iframe", "img", "input", "ins", "isindex",
"label", "legend", "li", "link",
"map", "menu", "meta",
"noframes", "noscript",
"object", "ol", "optgroup", "option",
"p", "param", "pre",
"s", "samp", "script", "select", "small", "span", "strike",
"strong", "style", "sub", "sup",
"table", "tbody", "td", "textarea", "tfoot", "th", "thead",
"title", "tr", "tt",
"u", "ul",
* Define an internal-only type. Code taken from:
function InternalHTMLWriter(){
this._work = [];
InternalHTMLWriter.prototype = {
escape: function (text){
return text.replace(/[><"&]/g, function(c){
case ">": return "&gt;";
case "<": return "&lt;";
case "\"": return "&quot;";
case "&": return "&amp;";
startTag: function(tagName, attributes){
this._work.push("<" + tagName);
if (attributes){
var name, value;
for (name in attributes){
if (attributes.hasOwnProperty(name)){
value = this.escape(attributes[name]);
this._work.push(" " + name + "=\"" + value + "\"");
return this;
text: function(text){
return this;
endTag: function(tagName){
this._work.push("</" + tagName + ">");
return this;
toString: function(){
return this._work.join("");
* Output a pseudo-constructor. It's not a real constructor,
* since it just returns the proxy object, but I like the
* "new" pattern vs. factory functions.
return function(){
var writer = new InternalHTMLWriter(),
proxy = Proxy.create({
* Only really need getter, don't want anything else going on.
get: function(receiver, name){
var tagName,
closeTag = false;
if (name in writer){
return writer[name];
} else {
if (tags.indexOf(name) > -1){
tagName = name;
} else if (name.charAt(0) == "x" && tags.indexOf(name.substring(1)) > -1){
tagName = name.substring(1);
closeTag = true;
if (tagName){
return function(){
if (!closeTag){
writer.startTag(tagName, arguments[0]);
} else {
return receiver;
* Don't allow fixing.
fix: function(){
return undefined;
return proxy;
//hmmm...doesn't look like magic way down here
var w = new HTMLWriter();
.head().title().text("Example & Test").xtitle().xhead()
.body().text("Hello world!").xbody()
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