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Origin: Vagrant mirror repo
Label: Same
Codename: deb
Architectures: i386 amd64
Components: main
Description: Apt repository for project vagrant
#SignWith: 5269DE62
basedir /var/www/vagrant
# for vagrant repo
# deb deb main
# before using this script, you need to create /var/www/vagrant/conf directory and put the above distributions + options in it
[ -d /usr/src/vagrant ]||mkdir -p /usr/src/vagrant
cd /usr/src/vagrant
rm *deb
package32=$(wget -qO -|grep i686|grep uris|grep deb|tail -1|cut -d\' -f4)
package64=$(wget -qO -|grep x86_64|grep uris|grep deb|tail -1|cut -d\' -f4)
wget -c "$package32"
wget -c "$package64"
[ -d /var/www/vagrant ]||mkdir -p /var/www/vagrant
cd /var/www/vagrant
reprepro includedeb deb /usr/src/vagrant/*deb
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