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Fix Google Drive menuBar icon for dark mode
function switch_files {
mv $1.png $1.tmp.png
mv $1-inverse.png $1.png
mv $1.tmp.png $1-inverse.png
mv $1@2x.png $1@2x.tmp.png
mv $1-inverse@2x.png $1@2x.png
mv $1@2x.tmp.png $1-inverse@2x.png
RUNNING=`ps aux | grep '/Google Drive' | grep -v grep | wc -l | bc`
if [ "$RUNNING" = "1" ]; then
killall 'Google Drive'
while [ "$RUNNING" = "1" ]; do
sleep 1
RUNNING=`ps aux | grep '/Google Drive' | grep -v grep | wc -l | bc`
sleep 3
cd '/Applications/Google'
switch_files mac-animate1
switch_files mac-animate2
switch_files mac-animate3
switch_files mac-animate4
switch_files mac-animate5
switch_files mac-animate6
switch_files mac-animate7
switch_files mac-animate8
switch_files mac-error
switch_files mac-inactive
switch_files mac-normal
switch_files mac-paused
open '/Applications/Google'
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interputed commented Mar 16, 2015

This script doesn't seem to work anymore. I've assigned chmod +x, and tried running with and without sudo. It executes, but doesn't change any icons. When I check the folder there are no tmp.png images either and their last modified date remains unchanged. I can't find the bug, maybe you can?

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