Re: The Hedley Davis Memorial Disk Drive

Hmmm.... I might be able to shed a little light...

Okay, so imagine you are the lead engineer/project manager on a new system. And this system really is your baby. You conceived of its basic design, drove it from start to finish, really poured your soul into it.

And you get back your "it better be right this time because production starts with it unless you really screwed up" prototype motherboard. You build it up, and start testing. Everything has to be right, but that is okay because you were OCD careful and checked everything before sending it out for fab. Just a quick validation, and things should be golden....

But the damn floppy doesn't work. What the hell? The motherboard really provides no value add to the floppy control, everything is controlled by Agnes and Denise. There is nothing there to fail. Swap diskettes. swap Denises, swap anguses, swap power supplies. Still no good. Double check the netlist and the layout. Nothing. The

View failing-on-reflash.txt
--------- beginning of main
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01-01 00:01:37.809 5305 5305 D CodeThemeScript1Plug: onAttachedToWindow
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Flash Lenovo Z90-7 (Vibe Shot)

Flash image

Messy process!

  • adb reboot edl / Vol+ + Power (plug power)
  • Miflash If possible, avoid
View motoz_flash.bat
mfastboot getvar max-sparse-size
mfastboot oem fb_mode_set
mfastboot flash partition gpt.bin
mfastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
mfastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
mfastboot erase modemst1
mfastboot erase modemst2
mfastboot flash fsg fsg.mbn
mfastboot flash bluetooth BTFM.mbn
mfastboot flash dsp dspso.bin

Ideas to stream

  • Quentin's Family Show
    • Lego related stuff
  • Games
    • Card games (Magic TG)
      • Magic Arena
    • Retro games
    • Broken Sword series

Minishift Goals

Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) aimed toward CDK

To provide the best and easiest platform for container-based development using RHEL as the basis providing best of the breed tools to create containers, eg. S2I, Buildah, to run on OpenShift

$ podman run -it --rm busybox                                                                                                                                                                                                      master 
error creating libpod runtime: mkdir /var/run/containers/storage: permission denied
$ sudo !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   125   master 
$ sudo podman run -it --rm busybox                                                                                                                                                                                          125   master 
error parsing result from CNI plugins: cannot convert version ["" "0.1.0" "0.2.0"] to 0.3.1

Using machine with minikube, Minishift, and CDK

Start minikube

mkdir -p ~/.docker/machine/machines/minikube
ln -s ~/.minikube/certs/ca.pem ~/.docker/machine/machines/minikube/ca.pem
ln -s ~/.minikube/certs/cert.pem ~/.docker/machine/machines/minikube/cert.pem
ln -s ~/.minikube/certs/key.pem ~/.docker/machine/machines/minikube/key.pem
ln -s ~/.minikube/machines/myminikube/config.json ~/.docker/machine/machines/minikube/config.json
./minishift config set disk-size 4G
./minishift config set image-caching true
./minishift config set iso-url centos
./minishift config set memory 1G
./minishift config set vm-driver kvm
./minishift config set cpus 1
./minishift config set registry-mirror
./minishift config set insecure-registry
./minishift config set check-network-ping-host