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package main
import (
func main() {


Starting Minishift

In the previous version, when you didn't install the driver plugin, Minishift would fail with an issue.

$ minishift start
   gbraad  ⋯   minishift  minishift  minishift start --insecure-registry test-registry:5000 --show-libmachine-logs --iso-url centos
Starting local OpenShift cluster using 'kvm' hypervisor...
Downloading ISO ''
 333.00 MiB / 333.00 MiB [==================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 0s
Running pre-create checks...
(minishift) Trying to access option swarm-master which does not exist
(minishift) Type assertion did not go smoothly to bool for key swarm-master
(minishift) Trying to access option swarm-host which does not exist
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// ClusterUp downloads and installs the oc binary in order to run 'cluster up'
func ClusterUp(config *ClusterUpConfig, clusterUpParams map[string]string, runner util.Runner) error {
cmdArgs := []string{"cluster", "up", "--use-existing-config"}
fmt.Println("-- Checking `oc` support for startup flags ... ")
for key, value := range clusterUpParams {
fmt.Printf(" %s ... ", key)
if !oc.SupportFlag(key, config.OcPath, runner) {
return errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("Flag %s is not supported for oc version %s. Use 'openshift-version' flag to select a different version of OpenShift.", key, config.OpenShiftVersion))
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
.. \n .. Sysclean Run : Tue Jul 18 18:11:14 CST 2017
--- /tmp/scu-rpmlist.20170718_18:09:58 2017-07-18 18:10:01.167603065 +0800
+++ /tmp/scu-syslist.20170718_18:09:58 2017-07-18 18:10:00.329610591 +0800
@@ -1,33 +1,6 @@
-(contains no files)
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package main
import (
func runCommand(command string, commandPath string) (stdOut string, stdErr string, exitCode int) {
sudo livemedia-creator --ks centos.ks --make-ostree-live --no-virt
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$oc login -u developer --loglevel 10 > /tmp/loginout
I0626 15:44:02.045897 2 loader.go:354] Config loaded from file /home/gbraad/.kube/config
I0626 15:44:02.047769 2 round_trippers.go:299] curl -k -v -XHEAD
I0626 15:44:02.069447 2 round_trippers.go:318] HEAD 200 OK in 21 milliseconds
I0626 15:44:02.069462 2 round_trippers.go:324] Response Headers:
I0626 15:44:02.069467 2 round_trippers.go:327] Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 07:44:02 GMT
I0626 15:44:02.069478 2 round_trippers.go:327] Content-Type: application/json
I0626 15:44:02.069482 2 round_trippers.go:327] Content-Length: 860
I0626 15:44:02.070171 2 round_trippers.go:299] curl -k -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json, */*" -H "User-Agent: oc/v1.5.1+7b451fc (linux/amd64) openshift/0ef5dda"

A Python file instead of a Go file?

View gist:6a0aef58d42c13674cb768ff73f01106
Upgraded glibc-2.24-4.fc25.i686 @updates
Upgraded glibc-2.24-4.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgrade 2.24-6.fc25.i686 @updates
Upgrade 2.24-6.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgraded glibc-all-langpacks-2.24-4.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgrade 2.24-6.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgraded glibc-common-2.24-4.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgrade 2.24-6.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgraded glibc-devel-2.24-4.fc25.x86_64 @updates
Upgrade 2.24-6.fc25.x86_64 @updates