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FreeCAD Class Inheritance Diagram
class App::DocumentObject [[]]
class App::GeoFeature [[]]
note left [[]]
Adds Placement property
end note
App::DocumentObject <|-- App::GeoFeature [[]] : extends
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Copy link

gbroques commented May 3, 2020

You can use it to generate a class diagram.

The way I do this is the following (there are other ways):

  1. Install Visual Studio Code
  2. Install the PlantUML extension
    • Requires you to install Java (the platform for running PlantUML)
    • and install Graphviz (PlantUML requires it to calculate positions in diagram)
  3. This PlantUML extension allows previewing and exporting this file to different formats like SVG and PNG.
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + P to open the Command Palette
    • Type "PlantUML: " and the various options for the extension should auto-populate in the dropdown.
    • Use up and down arrow keys, and Enter to select an option.

Exporting UML Diagram via VS Code Plant UML Extension


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