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Resources for Machine Learning in Ruby

UPDATE a fork of this gist has been used as a starting point for a community-maintained "awesome" list: machine-learning-with-ruby Please look here for the most up-to-date info!

Resources for Machine Learning in Ruby


  • liblinear-ruby: Ruby interface to LIBLINEAR using SWIG

  • classifier-reborn: Bayesian and LSI classification
    dependencies: GSL

  • categorize: Categorize is a text categorization library written in Ruby. It prioritizes performance over accuracy and is built to run online in dynamic web services

  • decisiontree: ID3-based implementation of the ML Decision Tree algorithm
    dependencies: Graphviz

  • similarity: Calculate similarity between documents using TF-IDF weights
    dependencies: GSL

  • rb-libsvm: Ruby language bindings for LIBSVM
    dependencies: None (LIBSVM is bundled with the project)

  • ruby-fann: Ruby library for interfacing with FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network)
    dependencies: None (FANN is bundled with the project)

  • tlearn-rb: Recurrent Neural Network library for Ruby

  • kmeans-clusterer: k-means clustering in Ruby

  • k_means: Attempting to build a fast, memory efficient K-Means program

  • knn: Simple K Nearest Neighbour Algorithm

  • distance_measures: A bunch of distance measures that extend Array

  • fast-stemmer: Fast Porter stemmer based on a C version of the algorithm

  • statsample: A suite for basic and advanced statistics on Ruby
    dependencies: GSL

  • statistics2: Provides normal, Chi-square, t- and F- probability distributions for Ruby

  • ruby-graphviz
    dependencies: Graphviz

  • gnuplot
    dependencies: Gnuplot

  • rb-gsl: Ruby interface to the GNU Scientific Library
    dependencies: GSL

  • ruby-opencv: OpenCV wrapper for Ruby
    dependencies: OpenCV

  • ai4r: Artificial Intelligence for Ruby - A Ruby playground for AI researchers

  • algorithms: Ruby algorithms and data structures. C extensions

  • phashion: Ruby wrapper around pHash, the perceptual hash library for detecting duplicate multimedia files
    dependencies: ImageMagick, libjpeg

  • narray: Ruby/NArray : N-dimensional Numerical Array for Ruby

  • kdtree a blazingly fast, native, 2d kdtree

  • rinruby: integrates the R interpreter in Ruby, making R's statistical routines and graphics available within Ruby
    dependencies: R

  • octave-ruby A Ruby interface to the Octave interpreted language
    dependencies: Octave

  • flann: Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors dependencies: flann

  • NMatrix: Dense and sparse linear algebra library for Ruby via SciRuby

  • Cerebrum: Artificial Neural Networks in Ruby

  • PCA: Principal component analysis (PCA) in Ruby

  • neural-net-ruby: A neural network, written in Ruby

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arbox commented Apr 20, 2017

As discussed via email with @gbuesing I forked this Gist and I'm trying to convert it to an Awesome List "Machine Learning with Ruby".
Everybody is welcome to collaborate!
ML with Ruby:

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