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Last active April 23, 2016 19:02
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Import Tellico data into Calibre
#!/usr/bin/env python
The following script will import Tellico book data into Calibre.
For more details, see:
import os, sys
import subprocess
# apt-get install python-bs4
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
def usage():
> mkdir /tmp/tellico
> cd /tmp/tellico
> unzip [/path/to/TellicoFile/]
> tellico.xml
if len(sys.argv) < 1:
xmlFile = os.path.abspath(sys.argv[1])
coverDir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(xmlFile), "images")
with open(xmlFile, 'r') as tellico:
soup = BeautifulSoup(
for entry in soup.findAll('entry'):
if not entry.title:
cmdArgs = u"calibredb add --empty --duplicates --tags \"Print\""
cmdArgs = u"{} --title \"{}\"".format(cmdArgs, entry.title.string)
authors = " & ".join([a.string.strip() for a in entry.findAll('author')])
if len(authors) > 0:
cmdArgs = u"{} --authors \"{}\"".format(cmdArgs, authors)
if entry.isbn:
cmdArgs = u"{} --isbn \"{}\"".format(cmdArgs, entry.isbn.string)
if entry.cover:
cover = os.path.join(coverDir, entry.cover.string)
cmdArgs = u"{} --cover \"{}\"".format(cmdArgs, cover)
output = subprocess.check_output(cmdArgs, shell=True)
# Typical output:
# Backing up metadata
# Added book ids: 273
# Notifying calibre of the change
output = output.split("\n")
bookId = output[1].split()[3]
# Fields: calibredb set_metadata --list-fields
# comments, publisher, pubdate, rating, tags
meta = u"calibredb set_metadata"
if entry.publisher:
meta = u"{} --field \"publisher:{}\"".format(meta, entry.publisher.string)
if entry.pub_year:
meta = u"{} --field \"pubdate:{}\"".format(meta, entry.pub_year.string)
if entry.comments:
meta = u"{} --field \"comments:{}\"".format(meta, entry.comments.string)
if entry.rating:
meta = u"{} --field \"rating:{}\"".format(meta, entry.rating.string)
if entry.loaned:
meta = u"{} --field \"tags:{}\"".format(meta, "Print,Loaned")
meta = u"{} {}".format(meta, bookId)
output = subprocess.check_output(meta, shell=True)
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