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@gcr /main.rkt
Created Oct 23, 2011

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#lang web-server/insta
(require web-server/templates)
(define (start req)
(let ([some-input
(if (exists-binding? 'some-input (request-bindings req))
(extract-binding/single 'some-input (request-bindings req))
"nothing yet")])
(response/full 200 #"Okay" (current-seconds) TEXT/HTML-MIME-TYPE
(list (string->bytes/utf-8 (include-template "static.htm"))))))
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>You said: @|some-input|</h1>
<form method="get" action="#">
<input name="some-input" type="text" />
<input type="submit" />
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