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Hello, I'm contacting you today in response to the FCC's vote today to repeal Net Neutrality.
I want to urgently request that Colorado join New York state in suing the FCC over this action. By repealing the protections put in place in 2015, large corporations that own both news outlets and act as internet service providers, can now freely choose what news, and therefore access to information, their users have access to.
By controlling this access to information, these corporations can dictate what you learn about political candidates, controversial issues, and anything other than what the ISPs deem they want you to know. This undermines the foundations of democracy which depends on an having a public that is informed and unbiased.
While I would personally say we have not had a true democracy in decades, this further establishes the power that corporations wield and further entrenches us into a corporatocracy. For example, Comcast already maintains a virtual monopoly for access to high-speed broadband in Colorado, and also owns many major news outlets. With the repeal of Net Neutrality, Comcast can now freely block access to any news outlet that they either do not own, or even do not agree with. This is not only a threat to our Constitution, but a threat to the economy and anyone who chooses not to agree with, or pay, Comcast.
I hope that you would agree the current administration has favored businesses over the rights of the people, and with this latest move by the FCC's chairman (who previously worked for Verizon) legal action is now required to save the foundations of democracy, as well as our right to binge on Netflix.
With that, I implore you to take action for Colorado lest Comcast dictates our access to information, to our entertainment, and to our access to the rest of the world, all for the sake of profit.
With hopeful regards,
Grant Davis
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