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protocol-type: irc
can-flood: no
network: # Network connection settings
address: # Address of the server
port: 6697 # Port to connect to
ssl: yes # Use SSL?
password: "6a7c2d16c1723ab6753b96bbc44b361c8b37c50c"
# You may set this if you need the bot to bind to a certain IP address (for example, for a VHOST).
# If you don't need it, you should omit it. Note that your bot will be unable to connect if you
# don't set this properly - It should either be an IP address assigned to your machine, or a
# domain that resolves to an IP address assigned to your machine.
# bindaddr:
identity: # Settings relating to identification and authentication
nick: Ultros-Bot # The bot's nickname
authentication: None # This can be None, NickServ, NS-old Auth, SASL or Password.
# Use Auth if you're connecting to QuakeNet
# Use NS-old to omit the username when identifying with NickServ. If in doubt, use NickServ.
# Note that using NS-old means that you must sign on as the user you want to login as.
auth_name: Ultros # The username to use for authentication (If applicable)
auth_pass: password # The password to use for authentication (If applicable)
auth_target: NickServ # Only used for NickServ auth, change this if the network has renamed their NickServ.
# Do not use this if you're on Quakenet, use Auth instead.
channels: # Initial channels to join.
- name: "#GlowstonePlusPlus/GlowstonePlusPlus"
kick_rejoin: no
control_chars: "." # What messages must be prefixed with to count as a command.
# This doesn't have to be just one character!
# You can also use {NICK} in place of the bot's current nick.
rate_limiting: # Limit the speed of sending messages
enabled: yes
line_delay: 0.1 # Delay (in seconds) between each line being sent
ctcp_flood_protection: # Block CTCP floods
enabled: yes
ctcp_time: 30 # Time limit in which we will allow...
ctcp_count: 5 # ...this many CTCP messages
# Set this to yes to automatically rejoin all channels when kicked
# Set this to no to allow configuration of individual channels
kick_rejoin: no
# How long to wait before rejoining channels, in seconds
rejoin_delay: 2
perform: [] # Raw lines to send to the server after we've identified but before we join channels
# - "PRIVMSG ChanServ :INVITE #staff"
invite_join: no # Whether to automatically join channels on invite
reconnections: # Settings for reconnecting on connection failures. This is optional, but will override
# the section in settings.yml if you provide it.
delay: 10
max-delay: 300
attempts: 5
on-drop: yes
on-failure: yes
reset-on-success: yes
# fingers: # A list of reponses to return at random to CTCP FINGER requests
# # Leave it empty or remove it from the config to disable this feature
# - "No. Just, no."
# - "Maybe you should do that with someone of your own species."
# - "I don't think that's how that works.."
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