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Monokai style theme for PuTTY; colors copied from ST2's theme
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
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schleumer commented Apr 12, 2013

Thank you, man.

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robinbijlani commented May 1, 2013

So much better. Thanks!

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bcatubig commented Jun 28, 2013

Beautifully done.

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rdok commented Jun 7, 2014

Nice work. Love it.

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dan-hhog commented Apr 13, 2015

Where do I put this to use it?

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soumyadipdm commented Apr 27, 2015

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hualro commented May 27, 2015

Nice! thanks!

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yaerox commented Nov 5, 2015

Looks really good. One point, does anyone know, which colors are used in yast on SUSE/openSUSE? Yast is nearly unreadable. So far, thank you Sir.

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ABM-Dan commented Dec 14, 2015

What would make this perfect, is a matching ~/.dir_colors

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integrii commented Feb 28, 2016

This is great. The one from @soumyadipdm is terrible.

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keeg022200 commented Mar 22, 2016

This is great!

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Galch commented Dec 20, 2016

This is nice color scheme! thanks to you

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mattpoel commented Mar 15, 2017

Thanks, great color scheme! 👍

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vab2108 commented Mar 22, 2019

thanks a bunch!

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