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Created May 18, 2012 19:11
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Git post-receive rsync to remote server
# Dir paths on remote server
# These are associated with branches within a git project
if ! [ -t 0 ]; then
read -a ref
# Get branch name from ref head
IFS='/' read -ra REF <<< "${ref[2]}"
# Make tmp dir for extracting files and cleaning up .git (we dont want them on the live site)
mkdir -p $tmpdir
# Assuming git is installed at /home/git/...
git --work-tree=$tmpdir --git-dir="/home/git/repositories/$REPO.git" checkout -f $branch
# If pushing to LIVE_BRANCH, deploy on LIVE
if [ "$LIVE_BRANCH" == "$branch" ]; then
rsync -vzre ssh --delete "$tmpdir/" $LIVE
# If pushing to STAGE_BRANCH, deploy on STAGE
#if [ "$STAGE_BRANCH" == "$branch" ]; then
#rsync -vzre ssh --delete "$tmpdir/" $STAGE
rm -rf "/tmp/$REPO"
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Note that the above requires that you have authorized keys already configured so that one server can rsync to the other via ssh without additional credentials.

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temgo commented Feb 4, 2014

Work great for one remote server but can we have another example with multiples remote servers?

For example: deploy from s1 (master) to others servers ss1, ss2, ss3, ss4 etc...


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Just a quick note to say thank you – this is amazing and saved us much frustration!

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Thanks. This helped me alot to setup my own deployment script.

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I tried to use the post-receive and it is giving me an error message. It says the last line rm -rf "/tmp/$REPO" unexpected end of file. Im confused where to put the tmp folder. Thanks! below is the error Im getting.

remote: hooks/post-receive: line 69: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
remote: hooks/post-receive: line 70: syntax error: unexpected end of file
To ssh://

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That was awesome dude. Thanks for sharing! I modified your script a bit and used it together with GitLab to automatically deploy my web site after every push.

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You can use sshpass. You do not need to generate the keys.

Example (change line 29):
sshpass -p "password" rsync -vzre ssh --delete "$tmpdir/" $LIVE

Install sshpass on Ubuntu:
# sudo apt-get install sshpass -y

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Hi, can I use it in shared hosting?

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@jayralencar Yes, you can, as long as your shared host has Git installed (and you can SSH into your account, of course). I've even seen a page where the user compiled and installed Git in their home directory, but your hosting provider might not like it.

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