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simple IDAPython script for scripting automated binary analysis
# a simple IDAPython binary analysis script
# 2020.05.24 darell tan
# invoke with:
# idat64 -c -A -S" $HOME/analysis.txt" <file.bin>
import sys
import idc
import idautils
f = open(idc.ARGV[1], 'a') if len(idc.ARGV) > 1 else sys.stdout
log = f.write
# log current file path
log(idc.get_input_file_path() + '\n')
# wait for auto-analysis to complete
# count functions
log( 'count %d\n' % len(list(idautils.Functions())) )
# print function name and addresses
for ea in idautils.Functions():
if idc.get_func_flags(ea) & (idc.FUNC_LIB | idc.FUNC_THUNK): continue
log( hex(ea) + ' ' + idc.get_func_name(ea) + '\n' )
# if logging to a file, close it and exit IDA Pro
if f != sys.stdout:
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