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Created December 2, 2013 04:30
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A little something that might be of interest for Ada Developers Academy
Feature: Salary range comparisons
AS A person involved in a recruitment discussion
I WANT to know whether the candidate's and recruiter's expected salary ranges overlap
SO THAT I can avoid spending time on negotiations that can't ultimately be satisfied
AS A person who knows about the phenomenon of price anchoring
I WANT to approach this question without necessarily being first to name a number
SO THAT I don't compromise my negotiating position
At no point in the process should anyone be able to view the minimum or maximum
value entered by any other users. Ideally, some clever cryptography could be employed
to conceal the data, but it's probably sufficient to store the initial number for just
long enough to perform the inequality, then throw both numbers away and only store the
boolean result.
Scenario Outline: workflow initiated by either user, showing overlap or not
When the <first_user> enters "<first_value>" as their <min_or_max> acceptable value
Then they see a link to send to the other user
When the <second_user> visits the link
And the <second_user> enters "<second_value>" as their <max_or_min> acceptable value
Then the <second_user> sees a message that the two ranges <are_or_are_not> compatible
| first_user | first_value | min_or_max | second_user | second_value | max_or_min | are_or_are_not |
| candidate | 5 | minimum | recruiter | 8 | maximum | are |
| candidate | 11 | minimum | recruiter | 3 | maximum | are not |
| recruiter | 20 | maximum | candidate | 4 | minimum | are |
| recruiter | 20 | maximum | candidate | 50 | minimum | are not |
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