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sojeri /
Last active Mar 5, 2018
How do I get my Mac to act like a PC?!

On switching to a Mac:

One of my biggest concerns about getting into [Ada Developers Academy][ada] was the technology requirement: a late model MacBook. I've been a staunch Windows and Linux user for years, and I enjoy working with basic tools like keyboard shortcuts that behave the way I expect them to. Until the switch, I had considered keyboard shortcuts as solid and standardized as screwdrivers.

The keyboard shortcuts between Windows and Linux are pretty similar, perhaps because I've always run Linux on computers that were built for Windows. I could swap between computers easily, using the same keyboard shortcuts over and over. Ctrl+V here was the same as Ctrl+V there, Alt+Tab was Alt+Tab. Happy sigh. That is not what happened when I opened my MacBook!

In one application, Ctrl+V hid the mouse pointer. In another, it hid the pointer and acted like Page Down. A few of the keys had similar names but different behaviors, and some keys were missing entirely. I caught on pretty quickly that I could u

geeksam /
Last active Jun 12, 2017
The "Is It a DSL or an API?" Ten Question Checklist

[NOTE: The original version was posted in 2007 on an O'Reilly blog, but the page has been erroring out for months now. I'm copying it here because, while useful, can be slow. chromatic is a lovely person who (he thinks) probably has copyright to this piece.]

The "Is It a DSL or an API?" Ten Question Checklist

Saturday May 19, 2007 6:00AM
by chromatic in Opinion