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Why is Scala cool? Lab prep pre-steps...

Please try and run these steps before the talk (if possible) - they will predownload a bunch of misc build dependancies. If you encounter problems with these instructions, feel free to email me. -kevin

Check that you have java (at least 1.6 or later)... ~/development/scalatalk$ javac -version

javac 1.7.0_21

Download some template tools that that makes it easy to install this sample code...

~/development/scalatalk$ curl | sh

conscript installed to /home/kevinh/bin/cs

~/development/scalatalk$ ~/bin/cs n8han/giter8

Conscripted n8han/giter8 to /home/kevinh/bin/g8

Now make your shell of an app (we'll edit and run this during the talk)

kevinh@kevin-xeralaptop:~/development/scalatalk$ g8 scalatra/scalatra-sbt

organization [com.example]: com.theboxjelly
package []: com.theboxjelly.scalalab
name [My Scalatra Web App]: Little Lab App
scalatra_version [2.2.1]: 
servlet_name [MyScalatraServlet]: 
scala_version [2.10.2]: 
version [0.1.0-SNAPSHOT]: 

Template applied in ./little-lab-app

~/development/scalatalk$ cd little-lab-app/

~/development/scalatalk/little-lab-app$ chmod a+x sbt

~/development/scalatalk/little-lab-app$ ./sbt

Detected sbt version 0.12.3
Starting sbt: invoke with -help for other options
Downloading sbt launcher 0.12.3:
    To  ./.lib/0.12.3/sbt-launch.jar
Using /home/kevinh/.sbt/0.12.3 as sbt dir, -sbt-dir to override.

Now run the following sbt command to build and run the example shell...


Started SelectChannelConnector@

I just finished this on Mac OSX, w/ javac 1.6.0_51. The only thing that seemed like a warning was:

SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".

But, I was able to see the default page on

So, I'm assuming I'm good to go.


yep - that's all good - you can ignore that warning (it is a long story which we can discuss at our gathering if you want)

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