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geekyi /
Last active Jun 12, 2017 — forked from greggirwin/
Provides source of Red native functions
Red [
Title: "Nsource - native source"
Purpose: "Print source for native functions"
Author: "Boleslav Brezovský"
Date: "8-6-2017"
indent: func [
"(Un)indent text by tab"
string [string!] "Text to (un)indent"
geekyi / run-2.bat
Created Feb 11, 2017 - day2 - syllable desktop
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SET QEMUDIR=..\..\Qemu-windows-2.6.0\
SET QEMU=%QEMUDIR%qemu-system-i386.exe
REM cd "qemu\images\mikeos"
SET IMAGEDIR=qemu\images\mikeos
SET DISKIMAGE="Syllable 0.6.6\Syllable.vmdk"
geekyi / Livecode enhanced
Last active Sep 10, 2016 — forked from DideC/Livecode enhanced
Based on Dockimbel VID livecode, this is a little more advanced version where you can define Red's values used by the VID code. And the window is resizable.
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Red [
Title: "Simple GUI livecoding demo"
Author: "Nenad Rakocevic / Didier Cadieu"
Needs: 'View
Usage: {
Type VID code in the bottom right area, you will see the resulting GUI components
rendered live on the left side and fully functional (events/actors/reactors working live).
The top right area let you define Red's values to be used in your VID code, even functions or anything.
Red [
Title: ""
Author: ["Gregg Irwin" "Steeve"]
Purpose: {
Factor style fry combinators in Red
works somewhat like a reverse collect/keep