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desc "Grab the html files and pdf-ize them through safari"
task :html_to_pdf => ['main.html', 'scalpel.html'] do
require 'rbosa'
run "rm ~/Desktop/cups-pdf/*", "Cleaning ~/Desktop/cups-pdf"
app ='Safari')
files.each { |file|
app.make OSA::Safari::Document, :with_properties => { :url => "file://localhost/Users/glen/work/boost-doc/#{file}.html" }
sleep 1 while (app.do_javascript("document.readyState", app.documents[0]) != "complete")
app.print app.documents[0], :print_dialog => false
output_file = nil
sleep 1 while (output_file = Dir[ENV["HOME"] + "/Desktop/cups-pdf/*"].first).nil?
app.close app.documents[0]
run "mv #{output_file} #{file}.html.pdf", "Moving file to #{file}.html.pdf"
run "open #{file}.html.pdf", "Opening pdf"
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