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Created Dec 9, 2019
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Proxy memo async
const someExpensiveOperation = async x => {
await new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 1000))
return x.toUpperCase()
const PROXY_MEMO = Object.create(
new Proxy(
get(_, handler) {
console.log(`called Proxy for '${handler}'`)
return (PROXY_MEMO[handler] = someExpensiveOperation(handler))
async function test() {
return await Promise.all('abcabcabc'.split('').map(l => PROXY_MEMO[l]))
test().then(letters => console.log(letters))
called Proxy for 'a'
called Proxy for 'b'
called Proxy for 'c'
Array(9) [ "A", "B", "C", "A", "B", "C", "A", "B", "C" ]
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