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Windows 7 Environment Setup

Windows 7 Environment Setup

I've had the misfortune of having to work on a Windows-based PC from time to time, and it takes a bit of time to figure out the right software required to configure a Windows workstation for proper web development. Additionally, since Windows is harder (if not impossible) to script via simple CM tools like Puppet or Ansible (and I have no desire to learn the vagaries of PowerShell, though some Windows-loving friends seem to think highly of it), I hate having to sit around googling links to get downloads of all the required apps.

Here's a simple list of all the software packages I install on Windows workstations to do development via Linux VMs (configured via Vagrant + VirtualBox):

With these tools, I can do all the things I need to do in a pinch:

  • Browse the web with a proper browser (with a full suite of good debugging tools to boot).
  • Edit text (vim via cygwin, or Sublime Text 3).
  • Use git (via cygwin, or when demonstrating Git to SVN-minded people, TortoiseGit).
  • Use SVN (via TortoiseSVN... some places still use it).
  • Set up a private key and connect to remote hosts via SSH (via cygwin).
  • Connect to mysql and sqlite databases (via cygwin).
  • Communicate via IRC, Jabber, etc. (via Pidgin).

Generally, though, I try to remember to bring my personal laptop with me if I'm ever in a situation when I need to do some work in a Windows-only or Windows-preferred environment ;).

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