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Install Stable Diffusion WebUI on Ubuntu 22.04 with Nvidia GPU
# First install Docker and docker-compose following this guide:
# Make sure you add your user to the `docker` group:
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
# ...then log out and log back in to make that take effect. (I actually had to reboot, le sigh)
# Second install the NVIDIA Container Toolkit following this guide:
# Clone the stable-diffusion-webui repo.
git clone
cd stable-diffusion-webui
cp .env_docker.example .env_docker
# Build the stable-diffusion environment.
docker-compose up -d
# ...takes a while. Monitor progress with `docker-compose logs -f`.
# Once you see "TODO", the environment is ready.
# Go to a browser and visit localhost:7860
# (Or elsewhere on the network, [ip]:7860)
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These instructions don't work. You should specify the commit you used to generate these instructions with ;)

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