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Raspberry Pi Benchmark Suite - Phoronix
# Benchmark script for Raspberry Pi OS.
# WARNING: This script is meant to be run as the root user.
# This script should never be run on a system/partition you
# care about. You should only run this on a system that you
# intend to use only for benchmarking and can reinstall or
# re-flash easily.
# It's a good idea to make sure your system is updated prior
# to running this script:
# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
# Usage: sudo ./
# Fail on error.
set -e
# Set this to "~/.phoronix-test-suite" if not running as root.
# Verify script is running as root.
if [ "$EUID" -ne 0 ]
then echo "Please run this script as root (e.g. with sudo)."
# Change directories into home folder.
cd ~
# Install prerequisites.
apt-get install -y php7.3-cli php7.3-xml
# Download test suite.
curl -LO
tar -xvf phoronix-test-suite-9.6.1.tar.gz
cd phoronix-test-suite
# Accept terms and print system info.
./phoronix-test-suite system-info <<-END
# List recommended tests.
./phoronix-test-suite list-recommended-tests
# Ensure config directory exists.
mkdir -p $PHORONIX_CONFIG_PATH/test-suites/local/raspberrypi
# Copy configuration into place.
tee $PHORONIX_CONFIG_PATH/test-suites/local/raspberrypi/suite-definition.xml <<EOF
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!--Phoronix Test Suite v9.6.1-->
<Description>General system tests for the Raspberry Pi.</Description>
<Maintainer>Jeff Geerling</Maintainer>
# Run benchmark suite.
./phoronix-test-suite benchmark raspberrypi
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