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Photogrammetry automation script using COLMAP and OpenMVS
# Photogrammety automation script.
# Based on
# Adapted from
# See full guide on Jeff Geerling's blog:
# Usage:
# 1. Save this script into a file named ``, in the directory
# where you saved the photos you took of a 3D object.
# 2. Give it execute permissions (`chmod +x`).
# 3. Replace the '/Users/jgeerling/*' paths with your own.
# 4. Run `./`
# 5. Wait.
# It will take a LONG time, especially if you use tons of high-res photos.
# Get current directory path.
# Store the current directory name for object output.
# Set colmap directory (change this to where you've placed colmap).
# Set openMVS directory (change this to the 'bin/Release' folder where you built openMVS).
# Set Working Directory (I create a temporary workspace folder in my 'Projects' directory to process data in)
mkdir $working_dir
cp *.jpg $working_dir/
cp *.JPG $working_dir/
cd $working_dir
$colmap_dir feature_extractor --database_path database.db --image_path .
$colmap_dir exhaustive_matcher --database_path database.db
mkdir sparse
$colmap_dir mapper --database_path database.db --image_path . --output_path sparse
$colmap_dir model_converter --input_path sparse/0 --output_path model.nvm --output_type NVM
$openmvs_dir/InterfaceVisualSFM model.nvm
$openmvs_dir/DensifyPointCloud model.mvs
$openmvs_dir/ReconstructMesh model_dense.mvs
$openmvs_dir/RefineMesh --resolution-level 1 model_dense_mesh.mvs
$openmvs_dir/TextureMesh --export-type obj -o $dir_name.obj model_dense_mesh_refine.mvs
mkdir $current_dir/model/
cp *.obj $current_dir/model/
cp *.mtl $current_dir/model/
cp *Kd.jpg $current_dir/model/
cd $current_dir
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