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The journey of building Cozy (GTK+3, python, gstreamer) for macOS using pyinstaller

The journey of building Cozy on macOS

  • Remove hombrew/macports completely or setup a clean macOS VM
  • Get the GTK+ setup shell script to setup the build environment. Everything which is installed from now on will be bundled with the macOS application later on:
alias jhbuild="PATH=gtk-prefix/bin:$PATH jhbuild"
jhbuild bootstrap
jhbuild build python3

cd gtk/inst/bin
ln -s python3 python
ln -s python3-config python-config

jhbuild shell
cd ~/gtk/inst/lib/python3.6/site-packages/
python six

jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap meta-gtk-osx-gtk3
jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-python-gtk3
jhbuild build gstreamer gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-bad gst-libav gst-plugins-ugly
jhbuild build adwaita-icon-theme hicolor-icon-theme

curl -o
# install all dependencies needed by Cozy
pip install peewee meson
  • Copy libmagic.dylib to gtk folder
  • Install Cozy to ~/gtk/inst/ using meson/ninja
  • For theme support:
jhbuild build gsettings-desktop-schemas
  • Copy share/misc/magic to the gtk folder from other machine (e.g. homebrew installation)
  • Use pyinstaller to build a macOS Application

stack_size error

Drop to shell then:

find . -name "Makefile" -exec sed -i '' 's+-Wl,-stack_size,1000000 ++g' {} \;

libxml2 error

Drop to shell then:

cp ~/gtk/inst/lib/python2.7/sitepackages/* ~/gtk/inst/lib/python3.6/

foreign struct converter error

Add cairo to pyinstaller hidden imports.

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